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Background Investigation: A proper background investigation search requires paid database access + individual site & activity verification. Court searches, prison searches, death searches, telephone follow-up, as well as actual physical verification are often required. A bare, minimum background check, with no extra work, runs about $250. When a comprehensive report is required, when follow-up interviews of associates are needed, charges can be heavy. (Usually requiring at least 5-20 hours of investigative work + 10-15 pages of reporting, depending on the complexity.) Still, the costs of not conducting a proper screening of any person you're letting into your life, or business, can be much higher! Flat fees are negotiable, so call us to discuss your needs. $85 Flat Fee +
Actual Time @ $110/hr
+ $55 per page in report
Nationwide Background Investigation (Computer only)
Comprehensive investigation into all bulleted points below, not requiring fieldwork, followed by a comprehensive report detailing all findings.
$2,500 Flat Fee
Nationwide Background Investigation (Computer + Phone/Field Follow-Up) Comprehensive investigation into all bulleted points below, including follow-up calls and extensive fieldwork, including physical civil/criminal search at courthouses, discreet interviews of associates, etc. (California only, unless specific contract for other), followed by a comprehensive report detailing all findings. $2,500 Flat Fee +
Actual Time + Mi. + Exp.

Background investigations are different from assets investigations and skip traces. As the name implies, “assets investigations” only target the money (usually for financial recovery), while “skip-traces” only target the current whereabouts (usually for suboena service or sub rosa). Full background investigations are to determine the basic character of the individual, so you get a good idea of who you are dealing with. Searches can include any (or all) of the following:

  • Activities (personal/professional)
  • Address History
  • Affiliations 
  • Bankruptcies
  • Blog Search
  • Board of Equalization
  • Business Listings
  • Civil Court Record
  • Consumer Affairs
  • Corporations
  • Criminal Court Record
  • Discreet Inquiry (checking with affiliates, neighbors and/or subject)
  • DMV Record (* subject to CA restrictions)
  • Disposable Articles Retrieval
  • Evictions
  • Family Law Record
  • Fictitious Business Names
  • Financial Profile
  • Hospital Records
  • Internet Marketplace Sites (EBay, Amazon, Craigslist, etc.)
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Living Situation
  • News Archives
  • Notices of Default
  • Photos of Residence or Business
  • Photos of Subject
  • Prior Insurance claims
  • Property
  • Observation of Activities At Location
  • OSHA filings
  • Recorded Documents
  • Relatives
  • Restraining Orders
  • Social Media Activity
  • Voter History
  • Voter Registration
  • WCAB Background (Workers' Compensation Appeals Board)
  • Other Searches Available Upon Request

Whether you're an employer wanting to verify a new hire's past, a school administrator wanting to screen a teacher for prior sex offenses, a lover wanting to make sure “who” you're going to be getting involved with—or a lawyer wanting to see what you're up against—a thorough background investigation is essential for peace-of-mind. Background investigations are the most thourough research option available on a subject. They are also likely to be the most involved.

The good news is, J. Koerner Investigations has multiple deep, current, and inter-connected databases to ensure that your subject is thoroughly screened. And, quite often, this is enough. The bad news is, sometimes online database searches are not enough. Sometimes they're not even close.

The truth is, we have seen multiple errors recorded on even the most respected, paid database systems. From names that were misspelled, to ages entered incorrectly, or vital numbers reversed (dates of birth, addresses, etc.), to addresses marked “current” that were abandoned as long as 10 years ago, we have seen (and had to correct) a mind-boggling amount of misinformation that we have encountered online. Therefore, while database searches can be some of the most important tools we have at our disposal—sometimes they are inconclusive—even misleading. In a nutshell, the investigator who relies on database searches alone is not a true professional.

Truly professional investigators realize that nearly half of all criminal records (and current whereabouts) resources are NOT available online, and therefore must be hand-searched and field-developed. Moreover, when using a simple name-search, many persons have common names (e.g., Mike Anderson), so there can be a huge volume of possible matches. Further, even when data is secured, and the preliminary information gets harvested, truly understanding the nuances of your target requires fieldwork, discreet personal interviews of witnesses, known associates, etc.

An in-depth background check not only provides information on the target, but if there is unfavorable data returned, then the resulting questions need to be answered: Where did it happen?; How did it happen?; and What were the circumstances? Online web searches are not this involved.

An indepth (free) consultation, to clarify your objectives, is a good idea. We are happy to run cursory “computer” background checks on anyone for a basic, nominal fee; however, keep in mind that knowing the real story often takes follow-up phone calls + fieldwork. Full, comprehensive background investigations are usually quite involved and often quite expensive. Yet smaller, specific investigations can be accomplished too (e.g., social media investigation). Call us to discuss your specific, individual needs and budget—or when you absolutely must have all the information possible on the subject, regardless of budget, in order to reach the most informed decision you can.

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