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Nationwide Assets Investigation
All 50 States - Includes: Bank Accounts, Brokerage Accounts, Businesses/Corporations, Certificates of Deposit, Credit Profile, Liens & Judgments, Money Market Accounts, Motor Vehicles (including air- and watercraft), Real Property, Safety Deposit Boxes, Storage Facilities.
$950 Flat Rate

Assets investigations are different from skip traces and background investigations. There are many reasons to conduct discreet financial and asset investigations of both individuals and businesses. The reasons for financial investigations can range from determining whether or not the recovery potential for extended litigation is worth pursuing to whether or not a prospective mate is worth marrying. Here is a brief list of considerations that warrant paying a professional investigator to conduct an asset locate/scrutiny:

  • Alimony Recovery Potential
  • Child Support Recovery
  • Criminal Restitution
  • Debt Collection
  • Hidden Assests Verification
  • Judgment Collection Potential
  • Marrital Suitability
  • Mortgage Issues
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Pre-litigation Analysis
  • Prospective Business Partnership Qualifying
  • Subrogation Potential

Typical positive results from assets investigations include documented real estate, vehicles, personal property, bank accounts, employment, stocks/bonds, business ownership, etc. When you need to find out if your target has assets, J. Koerner Investigations has the expertise to perform limited or comprehensive assets and financial investigations for clients who need these kinds of questions answered.

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