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Report Writing
the Cost Distinction

Writing reports takes time. How much time depends on the complexity. Our firm divides flat-rate, report-writing time into 2 basic categories: 1) Simple and 2) Complex. We make our distinctions based on the following criteria:

Simple: A simple report is one where we only have to review our notes as we draft our report to the client. No real cross-referencing, just simple and direct viewing of our notes + file information as we progrssively draft our report to complete our requirements for the client. We charge 0.5 hr/page for drafting simple reports, and approximately 80% of our report-crafting is billed under this definition.

Complex: A complex report is one where we have to review more than just our notes and our basic investigative knowledge. Complex reporting involves looking-up medical terminology, penal codes, California statutes, building/safety codes, CalOSHA requirements, etc., all of which require constant delays in actually drafting the report, while we meticulously-verify technical information. We charge 1.0/page for drafting complex reports, and only 20% of our report-crafting is billed under this definition.

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